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Graphic design is one of our principal services. Graphic design is our passion. With this useful tool, our clients can communicate their ideas visually to their target market.

Our services include different branches of graphic design:

  • Publicity Graphic Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Typographic design
  • And many more

In each of these areas, we can nd a melting point which is a fundamental of design, as it allows us to identify visually a company, brand, institution or society. We’re talking about a Logo.


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Take Your Brand Beyond Just a Name and a Logo

What is a Logo?

We can define a Logo as a symbol formed by images or words that allows us to know and identify any company or institution. 

Any Logo Must be:

  • Legible: no matter what its size is. 
  • Responsive: It allows us to adapt it to different formats and scales without losing its essence. 
  • Memorable: The client must be able to remember the logo long before having seen it, he also must remember which is the company it represents. 
  • Relevant: The logo should be able to represent its company, be in some way fit specifically by depicting it. 
  • Unique and Atemporal: Your logo should be reasonably different from any other, so your company will be distinguished from the competition. 
  • Simple: A simple logo is easier to remember, cheaper to print, versatile to combine. 
  • Consistent: The logo design should be coherent with the rest of the company’s image. Maintaining a uniform color palette and specific aesthetic patterns is the best thing to do.  
  • Adapted to your audience: Your company’s logo must adapt -in terms of design- to the preferences of the target public (children, teenagers, or adults, by instance). 

Remember that the main goal of a logo is that your company, brand or any entity achieves to be recognized on the market, allowing your niche to relate the services you offer with the logo that represents you. 

The first thing potential clients will take into account when getting to know about your company will be the image you show. On many occasions, before even getting to know about what your services are, people look at your logo.

Why do you need a Logo?

Your logo is the public face of your brand, so it should really draw attention to it; it should offer an immediate and honest impression of what are the services you offer like.  

It must transmit why your brand is special and why should people choose your services over any other ones. A logo based on your brand or company has as an only goal to be memorable and create confidence within your audiences.

Which is its purpose?

The design of a logo consists of portraying graphically the value, goals, and characteristics of an enterprise or identity through the creation of a unique symbol, image or typography. It must remain inside of the potential customer’s mind. 

Who is it designed for?

Designing a logo to express the essence of your brand is fundamental, as it allows your customers to know every detail of the services you offer. Develop your logo thinking about your ideal customer, for example. Doing that will allow them to feel identified with your company. 

The image your company shows is of great importance. At 4D Alliance Group, we specialize in Logo Graphic Design, we will help you create an image that will carry every possible customer right to your door.  
We assure you we’ll meet each one of your company’s needs with completely satisfactory results. Don’t hesitate on contacting us!  

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We have the skill to adapt the design based on our client’s requirement, market, and style, Creating with great creativity the best design and graphical result.


Logo & Branding


Logo & Branding


Logo & Branding


Logo & Branding