It is a residential complex, a functional level is distributed in 3 apartments, each of them has its own spiral staircases, however, they are connected through an access corridor in the basement and ground floor.

At the facade level, the style is a modern classic, due to its version, it is purer with traditional ornamental details with the combination of brick walls and smooth frieze. As we enter the common or intimate areas of the house, it retains the style, with a design of moldings on the upper part of walls and baseboards at the bottom, it has modern furniture and as materials isolated by the contrast between the white and dark tones, adding vegetation for natural, fresh and comfortable environments with mirrors that dimensions the breadth of space despite the dimensions.

In general, the house has large windows that favor natural lighting and ventilation, also give the feeling of a spacious environment the idea of the design to improve the interior space and achieve aesthetically more pleasant environments, inspired by the elegant style and flexibility of materials of high quality, specifically defined by simplicity, celebration and deliberate use of textures, characterizing neutral and fresh colors, in this sense the elegant style is accompanied by the Nordic style where the use of white walls, wooden floors and Modern furniture benefiting from natural light at its maximum available potential.

Now, a contrast is sought between the clarity of the walls that seek the spatiality of the environment with the furniture normally used dark, although in certain occasions in the Tiam house this concept could be totally clear.